City of Los Angeles

Outreach Manager

Employment type
Full Time
3 months ago
Los Angeles, CA

Date opened: January 9th, 2016

Position Details: Full-time Salaried position

Reports to: Project Steering Committee

The City of Los Angeles has recently launched a first-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle Carsharing project focused on service to Disadvantaged Communities in Central Los Angeles, working with BlueCalifornia, a carsharing operator that has launched such systems in Paris and Indianapolis. The City and its technical advisor – the Shared Use Mobility Center (SUMC) has partnered in this work with a Steering Committee comprised of the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA), the Salvadoran American Leadership and Education Fund (SALEF), TRUST South LA, and other community-based organizations, to guide the program design and neighborhood outreach towards ensuring that the program supports the needs of LA’s low-income residents.

The Steering Committee (SC) seeks committed and well-qualified candidates to fill a full-time Outreach Manager position, which will lead this work. This is a key position in what represents a groundbreaking partnership to advance transportation equity. The Outreach Manager will seek to produce tangible positive impacts on disadvantaged communities in Central LA.

Position Overview:

The Outreach Manager will be a full time salaried staff position of one of the Steering Committee organizations. This is a 15-month grant funded position, with continuation likely but dependent on funding for future project phases. This position will champion community interests while facilitating communication between the community-based Steering Committee, BlueCalifornia, the City, and SUMC. The Outreach Manager and their sponsoring organization will report to the Steering Committee and City on the progress of their efforts on a bi-monthly basis, and will check in on a sometimes daily basis with BlueCalifornia and SUMC.

This individual will play a central role in shaping both the program design and the outreach campaign once the carshare network is launched. As such, the Steering Committee is looking for someone who is an excellent communicator and consensus builder but who also understands the importance of converting curios residents into carshare members.

Outreach Manager Duties:

  • Facilitate community input to inform discussions with BlueCalifornia, SUMC, and the City of Los Angeles regarding site selection for EV stations and associated infrastructure.
  • Facilitate weekly coordinating meetings with BlueCalifornia, SUMC, the City, and the Steering Committee.
  • Support BlueCalifornia with day-to-day strategy, activity, and methods for outreach.
  • Plan, organize, and conduct workshops with assistance from SUMC and the Steering Committee to determine station locations, pricing models, and troubleshoot barriers for disadvantaged communities as the program progresses.
  • Coordinate with SUMC Staff on a number of items relative to the Project, including but not limited to:
  • Data collection, evaluation, and progress against project goals
  • Policy implementation and guidance for the City and Steering Committee on adjustments to policy
  • Maintenance and strengthening of partnerships between the various parties involved with this project.
  • Build relationships with community-based organizations, business associations, and other community institutions in the project area and city-wide.
  • Work with SUMC to facilitate growth of the Steering Committee as opportunities emerge.


  • An understanding of and commitment to transit equity and environmental justice.
  • Native or near-native fluency in both Spanish and English: listening and speaking, reading and writing. Ability to translate and interpret quickly and accurately from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
  • Outgoing personality, good listening, and good communication skills.
  • Enjoy meeting and spending time with people.
  • Good memory and attention to detail.
  • 3-5 years of experience in outreach, community education and/or community organizing
  • Familiarity with the history and cultures of immigrant communities and communities of color in Los Angeles, and particularly Latino/a immigrant communities.
  • Bachelors or Advanced Degree in Marketing, Urban Planning, Social Work, community relations, or equivalent years of experience working in a related field is preferable.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Comfort with and experience in sales environment or retail communications
  • Familiarity with the history, people, places, and institutions of diverse immigrant communities.
  • Familiarity with municipal government in Los Angeles, including decision-making processes, key local actors and institutions
  • Ease and familiarity with computers, email, and social media
  • Database management skills
  • Knowledge of community organizing and L.A.’s political system
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in using the media
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Prior responsibility in sales and/or business operations

Salary Range: $50,000 to $55,000 depending on experience, plus competitive benefits.

To apply

Applicants should send resume and cover letter to Anita Tang ([email protected]) at the City of LA on or by JANUARY 31, 2017. The City will be collecting applications on behalf the Steering Committee. No phone calls.