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The Dinner Party

Community Manager

Employment type
Full Time
about 1 month ago
Los Angeles

The Dinner Party is a community of mostly 20- and 30-somethings out to transform our most isolating experiences into sources of rich community, empathy, and meaningful conversation through intimate, peer-driven dinner parties and the age-old practice of breaking bread. Since January 2014, we've grown from a few dozen people to more than 4,000, active at 275+ tables in 110+ cities and towns worldwide.

The end goal? We foresee a day in which Dinner Parties are as pervasive as AA meetings, and as culturally acceptable and readily accessible as yoga and meditation classes: a day in which young people who have experienced significant loss are recognized not as objects of pity, but as better listeners and better leaders, characterized by profound empathy, resilience, and agency.


Position Overview

The Community Manager will work closely with the Community Director to support the growth and cultivation of a thriving community of Dinner Partiers, hosts, and regional organizers.

The Community Manager will be tasked with organizing and leading monthly “matching weeks” connecting 250+ Dinner Partiers to new and current hosts; screening, selecting, onboarding, and training all new Dinner Party hosts; and building and improving data driven-internal systems to best position TDP to grow sustainably in the coming years.


Our interest is not solely in the what, but in the how. The Community Manager is thus expected to model the core values and principles behind The Dinner Party:


  • A belief and commitment to collaborative leadership, and to creating an environment in which each and every team member can fully capitalize on her/his/their own expertise;

  • A promise to abstain from bullshit in favor of honest, open, and transparent communication, and a demonstrated commitment to active listening, self-efficacy, and the growth and care of every member of the Dinner Party community (including yourself!)



Organizing and leading monthly Matching Weeks

  • During the first week of every month, serve as TDP lead in ensuring potential Dinner Partiers who have submitted information through “Join a Table” over the last 3-4 weeks are matched to new and current hosts, considering “fit factors” such as type of loss, age, location, and more.

  • This process includes:

    • Reading and evaluating all “Join a Table” submissions

    • Strategically onboarding new hosts in targeted regions

    • Ongoing preparation to build “matching assignments” for all regional organizers and TDP staff members partaking in matching

    • Serving as key liaison during matching weeks to ensure the process runs effectively and efficiently.

  • The Community Manager is also responsible for building, optimizing, and refining the internal tracking systems that are used to execute each Matching Week.


Host recruitment & onboarding

  • Oversee TDP new host recruitment and onboarding process from start to finish, typically 10-15 new Dinner Party hosts per month.

  • This process includes:

    • Expectation-setting for new hosts via TDP website and resources

    • Responding to host applications

    • Conducting informative and evaluative interviews with potential hosts

    • Leading online host webinars 2-3x a week at regular standing times

    • Retrieving host bios

    • Sending necessary resources & adding host information to the back-end of our system.

  • Manage full tracking system for active cities, hosts, and tables, ensuring all numbers and metrics are up to date and easily accessible to the full TDP staff.


New host relationship management

  • Manage relationships with all new hosts that you’ve helped to onboard, troubleshooting and helping them feel like part of the TDP community. This includes check-in calls with every new host following their first dinner, with the exception of new hosts who are being immediately connected to Regional Organizers.

  • Support Regional Organizers who are working to manage new host relationships in their individual regions.


Email inquiries & other tasks as necessary

  • Work closely with TDP Community Director to track and respond to those who reach out to [email protected], ensuring that inquiries receive thoughtful and prompt replies, connections to nearby Dinner Party hosts, and links to resources.

  • Support for other projects, including resource development, fundraising, and the transition to TDP’s 2.0 website where alongside support from TDP, Dinner Partiers will be able to match themselves to tables



  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including active listening and inclination to tap into and utilize emotional intelligence

  • Experience building, working within, and improving data systems; strong organizational and project management skills

  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, and results-driven

  • High level of empathy and relationship-building acumen

  • 1-3 years of relationship management experience, regardless of professional setting

  • Ability to balance team dynamics and self sufficiency to keep priorities moving forward

  • Exceptional responsiveness to emails and consistent communication with all TDP stakeholders, including staff, hosts, and Dinner Partiers

  • Experience within the Dinner Party community, particularly as a Dinner Party host, preferred; personal experience with significant death loss required

  • Ability to manage difficult emotions and consistently prioritize self-care

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Gmail, Excel, Google Hang Out, Zoom, Google Docs, and ability to learn web-management platforms required for transition to 2.0

  • Full time, remote, salaried position


To apply

To apply, submit cover letter + resume to Community Director, Becca Bernstein, [email protected] by Thursday, March 15.