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LA2050 is an initiative with a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles, and a mission to drive and track progress toward that vision.

LA2050 looks at the health of the region as it exists today along eight well-defined indicators of human development, and we’ve made informed projections about where we’ll be in the year 2050 if we continue on this current path.

The condition of Los Angeles today matters because who we are and how we live now sets us on a course for who we will be and how we will live tomorrow. We are confident that with your help, we will shape the LA story anew – and build the LA2050 of our dreams.

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  • Feb 10 2014

    Draft of LA2050 Goals Announced

    We have developed a series of goals for LA in the year 2050 – drawn from citizen visions, our LA2050 report, and input from advisors and partners. These goals will help influence LA2050's activities in 2014 and beyond.

  • Feb 10 2014

    #LA2050Listens $5K Grants Launch

    #LA2050Listens is a series of events led by local organizations to solicit feedback on the draft LA2050 Goals.

  • Mar 14 2014

    Announce #LA2050Listens Winners

    Check out the twenty organizations selected to hold #LA2050Listens events, here.

  • Jul 1 2014

    LA2050 Goals Finalized

    These goals will help influence LA2050's activities in 2014 and beyond.

    See the Goals
  • Jul 1 2014

    My LA2050 Grants Challenge Launches

    The 2014 My LA2050 Grants Challenge will fund projects which will help LA get closer to reaching it’s targets for LA2050, as laid out in the LA2050 Goals.

    Learn More
  • Sep 30 2014

    My LA2050 Winners Announced

    Dates are approximate.

    We'll announce the 2014 My LA2050 Grants Challenge winners.

  • May 1 2015

    LA2050 Report 2.0

    The LA2050 Report 2.0 will serve as a follow-up to first report, incorporating new data to see what we’ve accomplished this year, together.

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Education is fundamental to human development and has significant effects on an individual’s ability to achieve a high quality of life across many indicators. There are clear disparities in educational opportunities for our students.

Explore Education

Environmental Quality

Los Angeles’ water sources are in danger, park access is lacking for many of us, and the poorest air quality is concentrated near low-income communities of color.

Explore Environmental Quality


Too many Angelenos are uninsured, and there are striking disparities in health outcomes based on race, class, and geographic location.

Explore Health

Arts & Cultural Vitality

The arts and cultural scene in Los Angeles is thriving. The creative industries attract a steady pool of artists and creatives, and the region is home to a variety of institutions training the next generation of arts professionals.

Explore Arts & Cultural Vitality

Income & Employment

Los Angeles’ divided economic system creates a society of haves and have-nots. Too many families are struggling to get by, and the high unemployment rate makes the region a less attractive place to settle.

Explore Income & Employment


Affordable housing in Los Angeles is out of reach for many of our families, with too many low- and middle-income households spending too much for their homes.

Explore Housing

Public Safety

Crime rates are at historic lows throughout the county. Still, the experience of crime and perceptions of safety vary widely along racial and socioeconomic lines.

Explore Public Safety

Indicator Ratings

This is how we measure the condition of each indicator.

Significantly hinders human development

Hinders human development

Enhances human development

Significantly enhances human development

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